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Sales and logistics

Stable business relations are our priority

For many years, HEMO MEDIKA has been successfully ensuring the needs of its facilities both in Slovakia and abroad. We gained experience in practice in the sphere of sales support, logistics, distribution, which are provided to notable producers of diagnosis and medical products. During our nearly ten years of occupation on both Slovak and Ukrainian market, we succeeded in building strong professional business relations, which create the core for the development of our other activities. Besides the top medical devices or diagnosis and therapeutic products from well-established producers, which are delivered to our facilities and partners in the Ukrainian healthcare, we offer the support to dozens of other business partners in Slovakia, Ukraine and other EU countries. We strengthen an understanding among producers and businessmen on the both sides of our imaginary bridge and successfully bring new possibilities for employment. Our most important philosophy is that the trust and reliability are the most valuable aspects in the business a businessman can offer and get.

Our facilities ensure:

  • The distribution of top medical devices and products according to needs of our clients
  • New forms of selling with no huge input investments
  • Searching of new partners for traditional and new commodities
  • Reliable storage according to principles of correct distributional practice, regular transport of goods and delivery in time
  • The complex customs clearance including metrology
  • Training, customer support and professional training on devices in our own training centre


Sales division
Sturova 27 | 040 01 Kosice | Slovakia