USG examinations

Modern medical diagnosis successfully utilizes a subsonic sound, which cannot be heard by a human ear, within the range from 1 to 20 MHz. It easily penetrates through a body, echoes from organs and devices record those echoes and transform into a visual form. We are familiar with it in many, nowadays already standard, examinations of internal organs functionality, for instance it is utilized for mothers during pregnancy, men in an examination of prostate condition etc. Sonography currently provides a wide spectrum of possibilities to painlessly and quickly look inside of our bodies and observe, how our heart functions, how the organs in an abdomen cavity work (liver, stomach, pancreas, spleen, gall bladder, biliary duct), in what condition kidneys and urinary tract are, organs of pelvis minor, a uterus, ovaries, and also muscles, soft parts of skin, in what condition are blood vessels, eyes, lymph nodes and a thyroid gland. Simply said – USG has become an effective and widely available way for detecting changes and malfunctions of human organs, literally as in a live broadcasting. Neither after multiple examinations was no negative effect of the ultrasound on the quality of examined organs activity discovered.

We provide USG – Sonograph examinations in Uzhgorod.