MRI examinations

Magnetic resonance imaging is a modern, safe, effective and accurate diagnosis method. Unlike other radiology diagnosis methods, it provides a clear and detailed image of tissues of brain and spinal cord (including the angiography), a spine and joints, soft tissues of limbs, or an image of pelvic organs in high-definition and from various angles. That increases the objectivity of condition for an examined organ and a need for subsequent medical intervention, or a health check after the treatment, e.g. oncology patients.  In a process of examination X-rays are not utilized as it is in the case of conventional radiology and computed tomography, however the magnetic field and radio waves. Thank to that method, the examination is absolutely medically safe for all age groups of patients, including children. Pregnant clients during the first three months of pregnancy are the only exception.

European Radiology Center in Ternopol is equipped by the top device of MRI, Siemens Healthineers Magnetom Avanto 1.5 T. Such technology enables to obtain an image in the highest quality within a short period. Besides that location, we provide the MRI examinations also in Charkov, where we examine 7,000 patients per year. Doctors – specialists (not general practitioners) decide about the necessity of such examination. The results of examinations are evaluated by radiologists – specialists and the result is delivered to specialists in a written form. Magnetic resonance imaging enables to obtain detailed information virtually about all organs of human body and therefore to solve a wide majority of clinical problems.