CT examinations

Series of short X-rays pulses penetrate gradually through a soft tissue of human body and captures the state of tenuous “cuts” of individual organs according to the level of radiation absorbing. The obtained data are immediately put into the whole by a computer and a doctor, without any surgical procedure, has a possibility to look at internal organs in the real time, asses their condition and evaluate any changes. Computed Tomography enables a painless, quick and high-quality examination of brain, the heart and vascular system, organs located in an abdominal cavity, in a thoracic cage, kidneys and other internal organs, and muscles as well.
The quickness and quality of obtained information notably affect the possibilities for an effective healthcare and treatment. The modern devices are able to scan a human body within few seconds and provide to a patient a comfort during the entire data scanning. 

Our facility in Charkov is equipped by 64 cut MRI scanner Somatom Definition AS 64 by Siemens Healthineers brand, which is able to make also an examination of coronary arteries within few minutes and to detect potential disorders of arteries endangering not only health, moreover often a life of patients. Before an examination or during, a contract medium is often intravenously used, supporting a highlighting of differences between the standard and pathologic tissue. CT examinations are also provided at our clinics in Uzhgorod and Tachiv, moreover at the radiology center in Chervonograd.   

In Uzhhorod we provide also CT coronagraph services, where HEMO MEDIKA diagnosis center is the only one in the region, which at the lowest amount of radiation is able to diagnose bleeding into a brain by using high-speed CT scanning.