Early detection of problems thanks to top technology.

The latest technologies – the ultrasonic, MRI and CT – give to our experts possibilities to look at the deepest structures of human organism, explore each human organ a millimeter by a millimeter, painlessly and early diagnose a disease. The building of radiology facilities in Ukraine with the brand HEMO MEDIKA therefore became the next notable stage in our development. The team of doctors – experts thanks to that fact provides medical services on the high-class European level. Non-invasive, without a blood drop, we provide to experts very accurate information about the health condition of each patient.

Radiology centers in Ukraine in cities: Uzhhorod, Charkov, Chervonograd, Ternopil and Tachiv.

  • Our radiology facilities are often the only one in the respective region which is able to provide a certain type of examination on the required level. In Charkov we built the first European Radiology Center, where we operate with 64 cut MRI device, in Ternopol we utilize Siemens Healthineers Magnetom Avanto 1,5 T, the most effective of its type in that region. We provide CT coronagraph services. The diagnostic center I Uzhhorod is, for instance, the only one in that region, which at the lowest amount of radiation is able to diagnose bleeding into a brain using high-speed CT scanning.
  • Examinations are available to a large scale of population in region with a high density.
  • We help to mitigate problems and save lives of many clients.
  • We constantly increase demands for a professional development of our staff operating in our facilities.