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Privacy Policy on websites  and (Sites).

Privacy Policy is valid for these Sites and it may not be valid for other websites of the HEMO MEDIKA company. Therefore while leaving these Sites, please read Privacy Policy related to the websites you are about to visit. If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, please do not use these Sites.

By entering and using these Sites you declare that you agree with provision of this Privacy Policy

By using these Sites you agree that your personal data obtained by means of registration or in other way related to your use of these Sites and Services, in relation to these Sites and Services, by means of registration or in other way related to these Sites and Services, may be transferred through international borders to places where the servers supporting these Sites are placed (including, but not limited to, transfers from these places to country of your registration) for the purpose of the operation and development of these Sites and Services, including transfers to subcontractors or representatives of the HEMO MEDIKA company who execute tasks related to these Sites and Services, or for the purpose of data retention in relevant databases.

Automatically collected impersonal information

HEMO MEDIKA company undertakes to respect privacy of visitors of its websites. Please note that we may provide total statistics on our clients, sales, operation formula and necessary information on sites to reliable third parties, however these statistics shall not include any personal identification data.

Personal information

In order to be able in future to answer your questions, to meet your requirements or to manage interactive customer programs, we may request to be allowed to collect personal data as e.g. your name, address, email address and phone number. We will use these data in accordance with applicable legislation for sending replies to your questions or to have possibility to contact you via email or phone to inform you about new products, services or promotions that we shall offer you. If you will send us your product order, service request or if you will send material to these Sites, we might contact you for additional information necessary for processing or completion of your order and/or request. Except in cases required by applicable legislation we will not transmit this information to third party without your consent, unless it will be necessary in order to process your order, complete your request or for management of interactive customer program and improvement of services and products of HEMO MEDIKA company. Simultaneously, you give HEMO MEDIKA company the right to provide information received by you for above mentioned purpose to partners cooperating with HEMO MEDIKA company.

Accuracy of collected data

HEMO MEDIKA company will at own discretion or at your request complete, correct or delete any incomplete, inaccurate or outdated personal data obtained by HEMO MEDIKA company in relation with operation of these Sites.

Identification of visitor

In principle you can use these Sites for informational purpose without informing HEMO MEDIKA company who are you and without having to provide any personal data. However, from time to time HEMO MEDIKA company or third parties authorized by it can place to your computer information that will help the HEMO MEDIKA company to collect certain data. This information is commonly referred to as "cookies" and these are used on many websites - their use for these purposes have become common in this field. Cookie is stored at your computer’s hard disk and not on these Sites. HEMO MEDIKA company and/or third parties authorized by it will use only information placed by them in cookies through these Sites or other websites of HEMO MEDIKA company.

The use of cookies brings you advantages as for example it removes the need to insert password often during one visit or to repeatedly insert items to your shopping cart between two visits if your transaction was not completed during the previous visit. This information is not personally identifiable - in other words, cookies can identify your computer, not personally you. Thank to information how and when our visitors use these Sites or other sites of HEMO MEDIKA company, HEMO MEDIKA company can further improve these Sites. If you do not wish to receive cookies or you want to be made aware of their acceptance, you may set your browser in that way, if your browser supports given settings. Please be aware that with cookies off you may not always be able to browse certain parts of Sites that could enrich your visit and you may not be able to download certain contents and/or to participate in certain transactions on these Sites.
Besides proper cookies we also use Google Analytics cookie services and cookie DoubleClick in order to get overviews on how advertising and other ways of use of advertising services as well as interactions with these displays of advertisements and advertising services are related to visits on our sites. Cookies are used for informed management, optimization and display of advertisements on the basis of previous visits of the user.

Furthermore, these Sites may use other technology that enables HEMO MEDIKA company to collect certain technical information as for example your Internet Protocol address (IP), type of operational system used on your computer, type of browser and addresses of other linked sites in order to improve provided services.


The person younger than recommended or legal limit in given country cannot send any information to HEMO MEDIKA company. In case you are younger or minor you will need the consent of parent(s) or legal representative(s) in order to use these Sites and Services, execute purchases or for any other legal act, excluding cases when those activities are permitted in the country of the applicable law.


We can amend or modify this Privacy Policy or we can impede access to Sites or to their content anytime and without previous notification.

Specific service conditions

The HEMO MEDIKA company may set out individual conditions for variously provided services (for example Terms of use) that may modify in advance specific conditions related to the service (including privacy and data protection).