Other services

Councilor Services

One of the services we offer on the daily basis is a consultation with general and expert doctors for the purpose of improving diagnostic values from the results we obtained.

Delivering of results electronically

Our goal is to provide services (collections) without a large waiting period, so in the time when it is suitable for our patient. The results of the basic laboratory tests can be delivered within one or two hours. Neither a patient nor a doctor has to wait for setting a diagnosis and the following treatment. Moreover we are able to send the results electronically, thus both a patient and a doctor has an access to see them immediately after their measuring.

Blood collection at home

In Odessa we launch a service by which we would like to come closer to our patient – in case if a patient ask for that service, we are able to collect his/her blood at home for an additional cost. For instance if a patient has a disease and is reliant on a bed, he/she does not have to go to a hospital or the nearest collection place.