Within the frame of clinic microbiology, our laboratories provide the diagnosis of bacterial, viral, mycotic and parasite infections and also laboratory diagnosis of infections caused by myco-bacteria. Our laboratories provide also bacteriological and mycological cultivation examination of clinic material – swabs, exudates, punctutes, lavages, sputums, secretions, blood, faecal discharge, urine and CSF etc. Those examinations serve our doctors to accurate diagnosis and control of infection treatment in various parts of our organism.

We perform:

  • The cultivation and identification of highly-demanding microorganisms (anaerobic bacteria, Gardnella vaginalis, Campylobacter, Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma)
  • The evidence of immunoglobulins and antigens of bacterial, viral and parasite originators of infections by immunochemical methods
  • The evidence of antibody and antigens by agglutination methods
  • The evidence of antigen of virus, bacteria and parasites
  • Parasitological examination of faecal discharge for microscopic evidence of helmith ovules, protozoa cysts or mature parasites
  • The diagnosis of tuberculosis and other myco-bacteriosis