Immunology and Allergology

Crescent diseases in connection with the immune system have enabled gradual forming of a field of immunology and allergology. They are represented by two elements: diagnostic (laboratory part) and clinical (treating) part. The core in the field of clinic immunology and allergology is the diagnostics of immune-deficiency – humoral, cellular or phagocytic.

In principle we distinguish:

  • Natural immunity (non-specified, congenital)
  • Adaptive (specific, acquired)

In our laboratories the examinations of clinic immunology and allergology are profiled by their composition depending on the fact whether it is the basic or special examination.

Prevalence in clinically significant immune-deficits:

  • The disorder of antibody creation (70%)
  • The disorder of phagocytosis (8%)
  • The disorder of complemented system (2%)
  • Combined immune-deficits (20%)

Within the frame of allergology we provide hundreds of tests and examinations of specific IgE (towards individual allergens) as well as strips for various profile types. The diagnosis of allergy to medicines is the specificity of our laboratories.
The basic structure of specific IgE against individual allergens:

  • Animal
  • Mold
  • Dust
  • Occupational
  • Mites
  • Parasites
  • Weed pollens
  • Trees pollens
  • Allergens of weeds and grasses
  • Medicament
  • Other