The correct diagnosis, a successful therapy and a subsequent monitoring of condition of patient inseparably relies on the laboratories and their services.  Fully qualified and experienced stuff, operating on the latest and efficient analyzers Siemens Healthineers are precondition for the fulfillment of those expectations and targets for provision of healthcare. The accessibility of results for the basis analysis, where necessary within two hours after collecting and delivering of samples to the laboratory, enables our practitioners and experts to react quickly and effectively on a state and needs of patient. Our laboratories HEMO MEDIKA in Ukraine have become a stale background and a synonym of reliability for thousands of patients and their doctors.

Our laboratories in Uzhgorod, Odessa, Lutsk and Tachiv provide:

  • Blood tests – general clinical, immunological, toxicological, hormonal and allergic panels, oncology markers etc.
  • An examination of urine, faecal discharge
  • Cytological examination
  • Bacteriological and virological examination