Cecilia F. Rokusek, Ed.D., R.D. - Florida, USA

She has served the higher education field for the past 40 years as a professor and scholar.

She has held numerous local, state, national, and international leadership roles in her field, including the national past President of the American Association on Mental Retardation – Dietetics Division and the President of the American Association of Deans of Allied Health.

She served as a member of the National Advisory Committee for Interdisciplinary Community Based Linkages for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This committee provides annual reports and recommendations to the US Congress and the Secretary of Health and Human Services regarding interprofessional health education and practice.

Dr. Rokusek has presented hundreds of seminars and professional papers throughout the U.S., Europe and in Australia, New Zealand, Chile, and Canada.

She is frequently quoted nationally on her work with the MIND diet and in areas of current research related to Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias.

During her 40-year career in higher education, Dr. Rokusek has served as Dean of Health Professions, Assistant Dean of Medical Research and Innovation, and Vice President for Academic Affairs.

She holds professorships in Public Health, Family Medicine, Higher Education Administration, Emergency Preparedness, and Nutrition.

She is a specialist in interprofessional education and practice and has been a leader in geriatric education and practice for over 15 years.

Dr. Rokusek serves as the Slovak Honorary Consul for the state of Florida.

She was born and grew up in the small Czechoslovakian community of Tabor, South Dakota. She is a 4th generation of Czechoslovaks living in the USA. She is fluent in both Czech and Slovak.

Her passions are people, travel, and sharing new experiences with the true love of her life.

Sue Maxwell, MSW - Florida, USA

She worked for Lee Health in Fort Myers Florida as the System Director of Gerontology for over 25 years. Lee Health is the 5th largest public health care system in the United States and has a staff of over 12,000 employees—the largest employer of health care workers in southwest Florida.

As the System Director, Sue provided clinical services as well as wellness/preventive programs to the 50+ population.

She was successful in securing grants totaling $10 million to fund many of the innovative programs developed at Lee Health. One of those programs developed is a kit to train employees to better understand their aging customers and helps to fight ageism in the work place.

She holds a Master Degree in Clinical Social Work from Barry University, Miami, Florida.

She served as President and members on many private and state boards serving the aging population.

Sue’s most memorable experience during her career was to be selected as one of the Florida Delegates to the White House Conference on Aging serving President George W. Bush.

Over the span of her career she has presented on a variety of topics at over 50 conferences throughout the USA.

Sue has four sons—twins who serve in the United States Army as Colonels and two others who work in the civilian world in the field of education and the restaurant industry. She has been married to the love of her life for 30 years and has “the best, brightest and most beautiful grandchildren in the world: Brody 13, Tegan 11, Simon 10, and Callie 5“.

Assoc. Prof. Maria Hulikova, MD, PhD. - Kosice, Slovakia

She has experience in hematology and transfusionology for more than 30 years. She is Vice President of the Slovak Society for Haemostasis and Thrombosis, Chief Physician of Centers of Haemostasis and Thrombosis, publishes and presents regularly worldwide.

Holder: Prize of the Slovak Medical Association for the Best Publication and recognition for Scientific and Publishing Activities, Awards of the Slovak and Czech Hematology Society, Silver Medal for merit awarded by the Slovak Medical Association, Best Publication prize by Slovak Cardiology Society, TOP physician title by TREND and Hospodárske noviny jounals.

In the years 2000-2002 she was a member of the medical team for medical and preventive care of the President of the Slovak Republic.

She is currently lecturing and teaching at Prešovská univerzita (University of Presov), she is a supervisor and external examiner (opponent) of doctoral, bachelor and master theses. In the past she worked as a university lecturer at LF UPJŠ Košice (Faculty of Medicine of Pavol Jozef Šafárik University Kosice), Slovak Medical University Bratislava, and as a member of SLK (Slovak Medical Chamber) Committee.

She is the author of more than 300 bibliographic records, including chapters in scientific monographs, scientific work in domestic and foreign magazines. Her articles were published at domestic and foreign scientific conferences. At the same time she is the solver of several scientific projects.

MUDr. Anna Molnarova - Kosice, Slovakia

In 2004 she successfully completed her studies of general medicine at Lekárska fakulta Univerzity P. J. Šafárika v Košiciach (Faculty of Medicine of Pavol Jozef Safarik University in Kosice).

After graduating she worked for 3 years as a physician at Psychiatrická nemocnica Michalovce (Psychiatric Hospital in Michalovce).

Since 2007 he has been working as a physician at the Psychiatric Department of L.Pasteur univerzitná nemocnica in Košice (Louis Pasteur University Hospital in Kosice).

She is certified in the field of psychiatry.

She is a member of the Slovak Medical Chamber and Slovak Psychiatric Society.

She completed training in relaxation-symbolic therapy and autogenous training.

PhDr. Jana Bakova, MPH - Kosice, Slovakia

In 1995, after completing Secondary School of Nursing in Kosice, she started working at Letecká vojenská nemocnica v Košiciach (Air Force Military Hospital in Kosice).
Her first workplace was the department of long-term ill. She later worked as a nurse specialist in intensive care unit for adults in the surgical and internal departments.

During the work as nurse at Letecká vojenská nemocnica v Košiciach (Air Force Military Hospital in Kosice), she successfully completed a second degree university studies, passing rigorous exam in nursing at LF UPJŠ (Faculty of Medicine of Pavol Jozef Safarik University Kosice).
Later she expanded her postgraduate studies at Slovak Medical University in Bratislava receiving MPH and acquired specialization in community nursing in Nitra.

Since January 2009 she has been working as a nurse specialist at JIS I. Chirurgická klinika UNLP Košice (I. Surgical Clinic of Louis Pasteur University Hospital in Kosice).

Mgr. Gabriela Vargova - Nitra, Slovakia

After successfully completing her studies at Secondary grammar school, she attended a three-year full-time study at the Secondary School of Nursing in Banska Bystrica, general nurse major.

Between 2002 and 2014 she worked at KAIM (Clinic of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care) in Nitra.

During her work at KAIM she attended bachelor and then master studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Healthcare at UKF (Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra), Nursing specialization.

Since June 2014, she works as nurse in "Center of Haemostasis and Thrombosis" in Nitra.

In the work environment, she excels in flexibility, precision and assertiveness.

In private life her motto is: "Nothing is as precious as time spent with children."


PhDr. Valeria Horanska, PhD. – Kosice, Slovakia

After graduating from Secondary School of Nursing in Presov, she started to work as a general nurse at the 1st Internal Clinic of Thomayer Hospital in Prague. As a general nurse she worked at the departments of nephrology clinic and the clinic of anesthesia, resuscitation and intensive care - IKEM.

In 2004 she completed her studies at the Faculty of Medicine of UPJŠ Košice (Pavol Jozef Safarik University Kosice) with a degree in nursing and Faculty of Medicine UPJŠ Košice (Pavol Jozef Safarik University Kosice) in the field of pedagogical competence. During this period she also worked at the VÚSCH (East Slovak Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases) - Cardiology Unit of Intensive Care as a general nurse.

Subsequently, she worked at the FZ KU (Catholic University - Faculty of Health) in Ruzomberok as an assistant professor.

In 2006 she received her doctorate of philosophy degree in nursing- PhDr. at FZ KU (Faculty of health of Catholic University) in Ruzomberok and a year later Philosophiae PhD degree in nursing - PhD. VŠZaSP sv. Alžbety v Košiciach (St. Elizabeth University of Health and Social Sciences in Kosice).

In 2013 she worked as a volunteer at Dorka Crisis Center in Kosice.

She studied at SUZ (Slovak Medical University) Faculty of Health in Banska Bystrica, specializing in nursing care in the field of Internal Medicine.

Since 2014 she works as teacher teacher at SZŠ sv. Alžbety v Košiciach (Secondary School of Nursing of St. Elizabeth in Kosice), and assistant at VŠZaSP sv. Alžbety v Košiciach (St. Elizabeth University of Health and Social Sciences in Kosice).

Mgr. Zuzana Vaskova – Kosice, Slovakia

After graduating from Secondary School of Nursing in Poprad she studied at LF UPJŠ (Faculty of Medicine of Pavol Jozef Safarik University in Kosice). She graduated in 2008 with Master's degree in Nursing.

During her studies she worked as a nurse at Vysokošpecializovaný odborný ústav geriatrický sv. Lukáša v Košiciach (Highly Specialized Institute of Geriatrics of St. Lucas in Kosice), later as a nurse at the Clinic of Geriatrics and Gerontology of UNLP Košice (Louis Pasteur University Hospital Kosice).

Since 2008 she was employed in the Private Emergency Outpatient Clinic in Poprad.

Three years later she worked as nurse at the II. Department of Surgery in Saca Hospital, and as nurse at Private Urological Clinic in Kosice.

She worked as a nurse at CSS in Poprad and as a scrub nurse at one day surgery department in Sabinov.

Since March 2014 she works as a nurse at UNLP Kosice (Louis Pasteur University Hospital).

Mgr. Jana Dorcakova – Kosice, Slovakia

In addition to studying at SZŠ Štefana Kluberta (Stefan Klubert Secondary School of Nursing) in Levoca, field of study Masseurs Department, she worked as an auxiliary staff at the health department in Spa Stos until 2008.

In 2009 she completed 1st level of education at Katolícka univerzita v Ružomberku (Catholic University in Ruzomberok), field office Levoca, field of study nursing and started working as a nurse in Pro Vitae, n.o., Všeobecná nemocnica Gelnica (General Hospital Gelnica).

In 2012 she completed 2nd level of education at Vysoká škola zdravotníctva a sociálnej práce sv. Alžbety v Bratislave (St. Elizabeth University of Health and Social Sciences in Bratislava), field of study Nursing.

One year later she completed a specialized study in nursing care in the field of internal medicine at Slovenská zdravotnícka univerzite v Bratislave (Slovak Medical University in Bratislava). At the same time she worked as a nurse at the Internal Affairs Department of Železničná nemocnica s poliklinikou – Hospital in Kosice until 2015.

Subsequently she started working as a nurse at the I. Clinic of Internal Medicine, I. Dermatovenerological Clinic, UNLP Kosice (Louis Pasteur University Hospital), where she works until today.