Above standard and at one place. From a conception till a decent old age, from an examination till recovery.

In our understanding, clinics in Uzhgorod and Tachiv are the return to tradition of medicine. Composed of perfectly equipped laboratories, diagnostic workplaces and first-class experts, they create the atmosphere of openness, the perfect interplay and a coope- ration of all the workplaces under the same roof.  From general practitioners and pediatricians, through laboratories to specialists. Without any unnecessary stress and wandering to often scattered specialized workplaces. We conform everything to the interest for providing our services in harmonious and, for our clients, comfortable environment.

We offer:

  • The complex medical services and necessary specialized examinations at high technical and expert level,
  • The quality of examination, quick analysis and results,
  • An interest to be a liable companion during the whole life – from a birth till a decent old age,
  • Forming of family doctor system who takes care of the health of all family members – from a newborn, or even a prenatal care, through his/her siblings, parents to his/her grandparents,
  • The best possible expert healthcare and treatment during the whole duration of illnesses,
  • A comfortable environment and an attentive staff.

If you want to consult your health with us, we are ready to willingly help you.