The profile of company

The history of HEMO MEDIKA Group

The formation and development of Haemostasis and Thrombosis Centers in Slovakia.
HEMO MEDIKA Group was established on 21st April 2005 in Košice. The aim of founders – Ing. Gustáv Hulík, PhD., doc. MUDr. Mária Hulíková, PhD. and Ing. Ľudovít Černák, PhD., was to built centers for a treatment of patients suffering mainly by disorders of blood clotting and hematologic patients. The aim was fulfilled by a creation of the first Center of Haemostasis and Thrombosis (CHaT) and the same center was established in Prešov. To patients the formation of CHaT ensures a highly-specialized treatment which absented in that region.  During one year, the high professional expertise and real results of successful medical procedures asked for the formation of the second center in Košice. During the following years HEMO MEDIKA Company established another centers in Martin, Levice and Bratislava. In 2014, another center in Nitra was established.  Currently five highly-specialized CHaT facilities operate in Slovakia. Each has its own ambulance and laboratory.

The formation of Centers of Haemostasis and Thrombosis in years:

2005 – the first CHaT in Prešov
2005 – CHaT, Košice
2007 – CHaT, Levice and Martin (CHaT in Martin provide also examinations of onco-hematologic diseases and the flow cytometry)
2010 – ChaT, Bratislava
2014 – CHaT, Nitra (substitutes CHaT v Levice)

The expansion to Ukraine
In 2008, HEMO MEDIKA had an opportunity to expand its occupation to Ukraine. In Uzhgorod the first laboratory under the brand HEMO MEDIKA was opened.  In the following years and after intensive negotiations with Ukrainian partners, six subsidiary companies were established in various cities. As the activities of the Company exceeded the borders of hematology, HEMO MEDIKA started to provide services also in the field of radiology, wide-spectrum laboratories and established the first clinics.

The history in years:

2008 – the diagnosis center, Uzhgorod (later the services in the field of radiology were added and a private clinic HEMO MEDIKA was created providing the complex services to patients from a prenatal age to an old age)
2008 – the first European Radiology Center, Charkov
2011 – European Medical Laboratory, Lvov and Lutsk. They provide laboratory services.
2012 – Diagnosis Center, Odessa
2013 – Diagnosis Center Chervonograd, Ternopil and Tachiv. In Tachiv the services were expanded to laboratory services and new clinics and the second private clinic HEMO MEDIKA was created.  The European Radiology Center in Ternopil is equipped by the top device of a magnetic resonance Siemens Magnetom Avanto 1,5 T. The technology enables to obtain a picture in the highest quality in a short-time.

In 2014, HEMO MEDIKA created a division of sales and service and effectively provides not only a delivery and an installation of laboratory devices, but also a warranty service, operative repairs and controls. In 2009, the company obtained ISO certificate and since that moment it operates fully on the basis of certified managerial processes. 2011 brought an unexpected success to HEMO MEDIKA as it gained the certificate “Certified Siemens Service Partner”   and the company became the exclusive authorized service of laboratory technology Siemens on the entire Ukrainian area. Three years later HEMO MEDIKA position was strengthen by receiving of  “Advanced Service Partner”. This position has been maintained even in 2015 and 2016.