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Articles published in Slovakia

TOP doctors in Slovakia

Source: HN 

Mrs. Mária Hulíková is a "TOP doctor"

Source: kosice.dnes24.sk, online

Haematologist is helping by conception and by childbirth

Source: RTVS - national television, FOKUS

Congenital and acquired malfunctions of haemostasis

Source: Medium

Head doctor - hematologist is Mrs. Hulíková from Košice

Source: kosice.dnes24.sk, online


Source: RTVS - national television, Damsky klub, 20.06.2016

Malfunctions of haemostasis

Source: Pre vase zdravie

Problems with pregnancy? Haematologist can help you

Source: Pre vase zdravie

Haemophilia and other bleeding disorders

Source: RTVS - national television, Damsky klub, 09.09.2016

New Center of Haemostasis and Thrombosis in Nitra

Source: nitra.sme.sk, online

About secrets of life with  Assoc. Prof. Maria Hulikova, MD, PhD.

Source: Pre vase zdravie, No 3, 2017

Pike in the business of health

Source: TREND + CFO 2016, No. 20, 18.05.2017

Articles published in Ukraine

Anaemia treatment in Carpatho-Ukraine

Source: RIO, March 2014

Treatment of children before beginning of school year

Source: RIO, online, August 2014

Child care after first year of life

Source: RIO, March 2014

A school year beginns at the doctor

Source: Zakarpattya, February 2014

Anaemia treatment

Source: Kárpáti igaz szó, October 2013


TV and radio

A trailer for the TV's remarks, the leading female doctor Natalya Rubish
Source: Versia, Tysa

Teaser - compulsory examinations before the beginning of the school year
Source: Versia, Tysa

One day in life of the CLINIC "HEMO MEDIKA"
Source: Just In Time Production

Private Family CLINIC "HEMO MEDIKA" in Uzhgorod
Source: TVKORZO, 23. 02. 2013

Pediatrics examinations of children entering to school - interview
Source: Versia, Tysa

Assoc. Prof. Maria Hulikova, MD, PhD. about thrombosis - interview
Source: RTVS, 20. 06. 2016